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Banana Peel, Fuzzy Peach, Pineapple, Cheeses, Rainbows, Olypmic Rings, Old Fashioned Light Bulbs, Infinity Times Two, Safety Cone, (also comes with a selection of tiny safety cone hats) and.. Lump of Coal. From EternalSunshine

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#15 Magazine Pile Chair


Have you got lots of magazines lying around your bedroom but just cannot bare to part with them? Then this is the perfect project for you! All you’ll need is a stack of magazines, two belts and a pillow to create your own super cool stool!

#14 Glowing Jar Night…

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Korra Harlem Shake by Sherbeeee

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Someone: Who’s that?

Someone: What are they doing?

Someone: What’s happening?

Me: Shut the fuck up and watch the movie!

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Ok lang naman na kalimutan mo ako eh. Pero huwag mo sanang kalimutan ‘yung mga alaala mo na kasama ako.



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Alam mo ‘yung wala kang karelasyon pero naranasan mo ng ma-heartbroken, magtampo, masaktan, magselos dahil sa iisang tao.